Atlantic Crossing’s first phase is transforming the stretch of Atlantic Ave. between Federal Hwy. and NE 7th Ave. with the well-received Brez luxury apartments, new-to-the market restaurants, initial shops, corporate offices and the pedestrian promenade.

In preparation for Phase 2, Atlantic Crossing’s eastern block has been cleared of the Atlantic Plaza and Merrill Lynch buildings, making way for the final mixed-use retail/office building and the park-side condominiums. This phase’s three buildings and two garages are projected for completion in 2027.

As Phase 2 begins, access at Atlantic Crossing to the City’s Veterans Park is permanently closed. Park access will now be from the existing NE 1st St. entrance. (Note – when Phase 2 is completed, Atlantic Crossing’s pedestrian-friendly design and promenade will enable visitors to also walk directly from Federal Hwy. to the Park.)