Beginning on January 6, 2020, the intersection of NE 1st St. and 7th Ave. will be closed until approximately February 7, 2020 to allow for the utility tie-in to the City’s existing facilities. This will impact vehicular traffic entering the north and west access points to Atlantic Plaza. (See map.)

During this period of time, access to and around the plaza will be as follows:

Access from Atlantic Ave. will be from the south entrance to the Plaza, and vehicles can then proceed either east or west in the parking lot to gain access to the north parking areas.

7th Ave. will also have one lane open to accommodate vehicles heading north only from Atlantic Ave. and vehicles will be able to enter the northwest entrance from 7th Ave. Vehicles will NOT be able to exit at this northwest entrance.

Vehicles will be able to exit the north entrance and proceed east along NE 1st St. to Veteran’s Park, then head south to gain access to Atlantic Ave.

Vehicles needing access from the east of the plaza along NE 1st St. will turn south through Veteran’s Park to access Atlantic Ave.