Atlantic Crossing FAQs

How will Atlantic Crossing help solve Downtown’s long-term challenges?

To be healthy for the long term, Downtown has to be able to weather all economic cycles. That’s an important part of the City’s vision for its future. Atlantic Crossing brings the diverse mix of uses to build a stronger downtown tax base for years to come. A $200 million private investment, it will add Downtown’s first Class A office space, bring new walk-to-everything choices for living and working, draw new customers for existing businesses – and finally extend the vibrancy of Atlantic Avenue all the way east.

How will Atlantic Crossing keep the feel that’s unique to Delray?

Downtown’s varied architecture is a key to Delray’s appeal, and Atlantic Crossing echoes that approach with careful attention to scale, proportion and detail. The plan, with each building given a different, Delray-inspired architectural style, will feel like a place that’s evolved here over many years, built by different hands.

Will its design be a ‘fit’ with Atlantic Avenue and nearby neighborhoods?

That’s central to the plan, which minimizes mass, conceals height and hides all parking from view. Broad open spaces invite strolling along arcades and trellised walkways designed to link the existing Downtown with Veterans Park and the Beach. Along Atlantic Ave. and N.E. 1st Street, buildings are kept to three stories, and “wedding-cake” back from the street. Low building profiles are opposite like uses – for example, residential buildings are along NE 1st Street. The small portion of building at 5 stories is at the site’s interior.

What types of shops and restaurants are planned?

In keeping with today’s Atlantic Avenue, instead of a handful of large users dominating the space, the plan is for diverse specialty shops and some restaurants. Local and regional merchants will be in the mix, plus retailers who’ll add new dimension to Downtown.

What’s the advantage of having more people living Downtown?

More people living Downtown means a more vibrant city life, with more people supporting existing and new businesses Downtown and throughout Delray. Atlantic Crossing residents are projected to spend more than $6 million annually in the City, much of it Downtown. As the City’s Downtown Master Plan says, “Increasing residential density is absolutely crucial to ensure a healthy and lasting life to the Central Core District.” Plus, a more active “people” environment enhances public safety.

What about traffic and parking?

The plan’s balanced mix of uses will, by nature, distribute traffic throughout the day. For example, offices are not in use evenings and weekends when retail and restaurants are busier. Residents who commute to work elsewhere will typically leave earlier than the shops open. Atlantic Crossing is designed to handle all its own parking needs on-site, with more than 100 spaces beyond city requirements.

Responsive to our neighbors, the plan also includes many provisions and funding to mitigate traffic for adjacent neighborhoods.

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